Are you feeling overwhelmed & confused by these environmental, health & safety laws & struggling to find a solution?

If so, don’t feel bad because you’re definitely not alone.  These regulations are extensive, hard to understand, ever-changing and even tougher to comply with, especially for small companies who  often lack the internal expertise, time and resources that that are needed to keep up.

However companies who fail to manage compliance put themselves at major risk for huge fines, serious employee injuries, damaged company reputations, lost customers and sometimes civil and even criminal liabilities.

Compliance is a priority you cannot ignore, but it’s much easier said than done…

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Not knowing which OSHA & EPA regulations apply to your company

  • Living in constant fear of a failed OSHA or EPA inspection & huge fines

  • Worrying about serious employee injuries & accidents

  • Losing business opportunities due to lack of a safety program

  • High injury rates leading to increased insurance & other costs

  • Lacking the expertise, time & resources needed to manage compliance

  • Lacking the budget to hire a qualified EHS manager or expensive consultant

  • Repeated failed efforts to manage EHS compliance

  • Not knowing where to turn for affordable compliance help

Most small companies want to provide a safe and healthy workplace but often don't know how or where to turn.

Since hiring a qualified EHS manager or expensive consultant isn't viable for many small companies, DIY is the only option but unfortunately it almost never works.

Here's why:

The process normally begins when management taps an unqualified staff member with compliance responsibilities (on top of their existing workload), gives them little if any guidance or budget, and then expects the person to "magically" make it happen.

The staff member then searches the internet only to learn that they have 2 basic options consisting of free and paid "generic" compliance resources and the OSHA, EPA & state environmental agency websites.

However generic resources don't meet regulatory standards and trying to study agency websites only yields confusion and dead-ends due to the complexity, uncertainty and endless information.

This dilemma is all too common and results in a perpetual state of non-compliance and heightened risk for the company, which is often compounded by the fact that company leadership often doesn't know until it's too late.

EHS Academy changes all of that by providing virtual, expert guided training programs specifically designed to meet these challenges facing small companies.  Our training programs remove regulatory complexity by explaining the compliance process in a way that non-experts can understand and follow, from senior leadership to front line employees.   We guide and support you every step of the way. 

This approach allows your company to “own” and "self-manage" the compliance process which is absolutely critical for long term success and risk reduction.

Bottom line, EHS Academy makes DIY compliance work for small companies.

Meet Russell Carr

Founder of Berg Compliance Solutions and Small Business EHS Compliance Advocate and Expert

I understand your compliance struggles all too well because I owned and operated three small, high risk companies with major environmental, health and safety obligations.

Between the three companies, I had to manage OSHA, EPA, TCEQ, and DOT regulations. It was overwhelming and I always struggled to keep up which lead to all kinds of problems including fines, lost business opportunities , wasted money and many sleepless nights.

Along the way I made just about all of the mistakes that small companies make when trying to manage compliance.

I later learned was that I wasn't alone, seeing many other small companies & people I've known throughout my career also struggle and pay the price for failing to manage EHS including huge fines, PR nightmares and even jail time.

These experiences later inspired me to found Berg Compliance Solutions, a new kind of consulting company dedicated to helping small businesses manage EHS compliance & risk.

Meet Russell Carr

"I created EHS Academy to give small businesses a new, affordable & viable Do-It-Yourself option for managing compliance."

Our Training Programs Offer Solutions for All of Your EHS Needs

  • OSHA Health and Safety Compliance

    Our programs help you determine which OSHA laws apply to your company and how to manage them to create a safer workplace for your most valuable asset, your employees.

  • Environmental & Hazardous Materials Compliance

    We also offer EPA and state environmental agency compliance training to help protect your local community and the environment from harm.

It's not all about Compliance 

The #1 reason that environmental, health and safety programs fail is due to lack of “management commitment” and safety culture.

In other words, most small companies just doesn't take safety seriously enough.

We offer in-depth  training to address these commitment challenges which create the foundations for long term program success from front-line workers to senior company leadership.

Don’t Enroll In Our Training Programs If Your Company Isn't Committed To...

  • Achieving and managing EHS compliance

  • The safety and well-being of your employees

  • Protecting your local community and environment from harm

It's Time To Make a Decision and You Have 3 Options...

  • Option One

    Do nothing and keep rolling the dice with non-compliance

    As mentioned above, compliance is a priority you cannot ignore.

    The risks for failing to manage EHS compliance can be devastating including huge fines, potential civil and criminal liability, not to mention serious employee injuries and damage to your local community and the environment.

    The majority of our clients come to us only after something bad has happened .

    Be proactive and avoid the risk.

  • Option Two

    Try to develop and manage your EHS program in-house

    This is a risky and often ineffective option for many reasons. The fact is that most small companies lack the internal expertise, time and resources that are needed to develop & manage a compliant EHS program without serious help.

    The process normally involves tapping unqualified staff, on top of their other responsibilities. They're often given little if any guidance and are expected to research on-line, maybe buy some cheap generic resources and then "magically" create and manage a compliant EHS program.

    Although this approach is very common, it’s normally doomed to failure and leaves the company in a perpetual state of non-compliance and at elevated risk for significant liabilities.

  • Option Three

    Enroll in our programs to finally achieve EHS compliance and reduce your risk

    EHS Academy is specifically designed to meet the compliance challenges facing small companies and is the only viable DIY environmental, health and safety solution on the market.

    We offer ala carte and turn-key training programs designed to ensure a safer and healthier workplace for your employees, local community and the environment.

    Achieve Compliance & Risk Reduction, get started today!

Are You Still Unsure?

Checkout our Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much can a failed OSHA or EPA inspection cost?

    The average failed OSHA inspection will cost a company between $35,000 - $80,000, but can exceed $100,000 or more in many cases. EPA and state environmental fines can also run into the $10s or $100s of thousands of dollars because they're not capped, and fines can be issued for every day that the company was out of compliance.

  • Can ownership and management face criminal liability for failing to manage compliance?

    Unfortunately the answer is "yes" in cases where company leadership are aware of hazards or major risks, but fail to action which results in fatalities or serious damage to the environment.

  • Can OSHA or EPA fine our company even if we only have a few employees?

    Absolutely. OSHA & EPA routinely fine small companies with less than 10 employees.

  • Can we outsource our OSHA compliance to our insurance company?

    No. This one of the most common myths surrounding OSHA compliance. It is impossible for your insurance company (Workers Comp carrier) to manage your safety program because they have no mandate to do this, lack the bandwidth to manage OSHA compliance for any single policy holder, and can only offer generic resources which don't meet OSHA standards.

  • How do we determine which environmental, health and safety laws apply to our company?

    Your company must assess its operations to determine which EHS regulations apply. Each company has a very unique set of hazards and risks which must then be managed by applicable OSHA, EPA & state environmental regulations.

  • Are we in compliance if we have a written safety manual??

    Not necessarily. Just having a written OSHA compliance manual doesn't equal compliance. First of all, the manual must be customized to address your company specific health & safety hazards, and there are also many aspects that the company must actively manage including training, inspections, procedures, exposure evaluations and more.

  • Does generic on-line or CD training meet OSHA and EPA standards?

    No. All employee training must include and address your company specific health and safety hazards and requirements. No generic training resources meet these standards.